So what are you doing/thinking differently?

So how is the new year going for you already?

Some people are telling me there has been too much snow, and its difficult to get out to see people and find more clients?

And I have been forced to ask them, “So what have you done differently?” often to completely blank stares!

It astonished me how often business owners and directors expect different results by taking the same old, same old actions!

Hats off to Steve Bell at Prontoprint, Ellesmere Port for initiative and enterprise! (And also good quality fast turnaround business cards, leaflets, brochures and all things Print)
Steve’s staff were unable to get to work due to snow so he kindly took the time to pick them up as he has a 4×4.
Resourcefulness is a core skill for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners, yet we allow ourselves to get so busy we forget to be creative and plough old unprofitable furrows, even though we know results may not be good.

My challenge to you for your New Year, New Results is simple:
Do something different!

In fact do anything different!
And at the very least DO something, and take action.
And if you need help with that just drop me a line

Despite the snow our stalwart Mastermind members made it for a meeting, and I’ve already attended 3 Business Networking events, and now have 2 strong prospects for new projects in 2010. How about you?

Good luck and good hunting


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